Questions + Answers

• What is an online gallery?

An online gallery is where you will receive your photos after an engagement session or wedding. You can download your photos to your devices using a download pin and also easily share with friends and family. It is password protected for your privacy and you can share certain photos or hide some you aren't the biggest fan of.

• How many photos can we expect in a final gallery?

I usually deliver an average of 600 edited images depending on how many activities are happening during your day. However, I don't limit how many photos are delivered.

• Do we recieve all the RAW video footage of our day?

Yes! Its available as an add onto any cinema collection or included in the combined photo + cinema collections

• How do you handle photo AND cinema?

I'm both a photographer and cinematographer and do all of the editing. On wedding day I work with colleagues who are both photographers and cinematographers so we can truly work together interchangeably.

• Do you meet with clients before booking?

Most clients meet me for the first time at their engagement session. I try to make my social media, website, Knot and Wedding Wire accounts as transparent as possible so you can get a feel for my work, style and me as a person. Im always willing to hop on a phone call, face time or meeting if you're available to come to a studio space I frequent in downtown Orlando.

• Our venue is requiring you have it?

Yep, no problem! Just let me know your venue requires it and ill send over the certificate ASAP!

• How do we book you?

So, if you're liking what you see and want to book I require two things. 1. A signed photo/cinema agreement. 2. A deposit: $1000 for photo only collections and $1200 for photo + cinema collections. All deposits go towards your final balance which is due two weeks before your wedding date.