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Hey! Im Suzie.

I'm the bosslady, photographer, cinematographer, editor, secretary, creative mind and over caffeinated and slightly sleep deprived person behind Lillie Shawn Imagery. I know I just said my name is Suzie, so where did Lillie Shawn come from? Well, I named my company after my parents who happen to be two of my favorite people in the world. Seriously, they're amazing!

If you couldn't tell by the photos in my slideshow , I'm fun and love life, adventure, culture, people and memories. I love and live hard which is why I think I'm so good at what I do, capturing and creating memories. This isn't just my job or my passion its pretty much woven into every part of my life, almost like a religion. So, if you're looking for a photographer/cinematographer that is going to be a wall ornament and just capture the basics I'm not your girl, when I do something I give it 125%.

I grew up dancing a lot of ballroom, salsa and bachata and go to the gym 4 or 5 days a week. A venti iced cafe latte w/classic syrup from Starbucks makes my heart melt right along with my boyfriend Carlos and my fur baby Snoopy-Shadow. Long romantic walks down every isle at Target, TJ Maxx or any historic city or town is also a favorite after mimosa filled brunch on Sundays!

I've been working with photo & video cameras for about 12 years now and put myself through college at UCF working as a freelance photographer, cinematographer and editor while I got my degree in Radio Television Production and Marketing (Go Knights!).